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Your First Appointment

This is a complimentary consultation. As part of this examination, we will take some photos of the patient’s face and teeth.
Dr Benbassat will conduct an examination that takes usually just a few minutes. If Dr Benbassat considers it indicated, diagnostic records like x-rays and models of the teeth may be obtained with your consent (fees apply).

Dr Benbassat will outline the problems and review the treatment alternatives that may be suitable for each particular case.

At the end of this appointment you will know:

  • If an orthodontic problem is present.
  • If the patient is ready for treatment or what the best time for treatment is.
  • The necessary treatment procedures and the estimated length of treatment.
  • The cost of the treatment and payment options.

If your child is not ready for orthodontic treatment, it will be our pleasure to monitor the development of the teeth until such time when treatment is indicated.

Kindly arrive a few minutes prior to the appointment to fill out the necessary personal and medical questionnaire, you can also complete the information online or download the form and fill it out prior to your arrival to our office.

Panoramic X-ray

Panoramic X-ray

Cephalometric X-ray

Cephalometric X-ray

The Initial Days

When you first get your braces, you may feel general discomfort and your teeth may be tender to biting pressure for the first few days. We tell our patients to eat soft foods and take the pain reliever of their choice if necessary. We will give you all you need to properly care for your braces, including a travel toothbrush with toothpaste, proxibrush for under the wires, floss-threaders and wax.

We strongly encourage you to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth regularly.

The braces are really small but when you put them on the teeth, they feel bigger than they are. Because braces shift teeth, you are going to feel them loosening so they can be moved to their proper position. Do not worry, this is normal. Additionally, your bite will immediately start to change. One week you can be biting on one side and after a few weeks, it could shift to the other side. This will continue throughout your treatment until Dr. Benbassat has lined up all of your teeth.

Your Appointments

Following your initial appointments, we will see you every four to eight weeks for your orthodontic adjustments. These appointments generally take 10 -20 minutes with a longer appointment sporadically throughout treatment. We make every effort to be on time for our patients and ask that you extend the same courtesy to us.

If you cannot keep an appointment, please notify our office at your earliest opportunity. If you have to cancel, we will do everything we can to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible.

Eating with Braces

For the first few days, eat only soft foods. Avoid tough meats, hard breads, raw vegetables, and anything that is sticky or chewy. We ask our patients to lower their sugar intake, including sodas. This will help with your braces and the overall health of your gums and teeth.

In order to protect your braces, avoid the following foods:

  • Chewy/Sticky Foods: Licorice, Gummy Bears, Taffy, Gum
  • Crunchy Foods: Popcorn, Ice, Hard Chips
  • Hard Foods: Nuts, Jolly Ranchers, Hard Candy, Bread with Hard Crusts
  • Foods You Have to Bite Into: Corn on the Cob, Apples, Carrots
  • Cut these into SMALL pieces and eat carefully

These foods can break the brackets off your teeth, potentially lengthening your treatment time.


A true orthodontic emergency is very rare, but we are here to help you if you experience any problem with your braces.

Do not be alarmed if a wire or a band becomes loose, this happens occasionally. If a wire is protruding and irritating, use a blunt instrument (eraser of a pencil) and carefully push the irritating wire under the bracket; simply get it out of the way to alleviate the irritation. If the discomfort continues, place wax on the wire to reduce the annoyance until you can call our office. During office hours, we will see you that very day to get you comfortable. If time permits, we will fix a broken band or bracket. If not, we will remove the broken piece and schedule another appointment to re-bond the broken piece.

In the event that you are in significant pain outside of office hours and feel that you have an emergency that can’t wait until our office is open, please listen to our phone message for the emergency number to contact.

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