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Types Of Jaw Surgeries You Should Know About

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September 24, 2016
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September 26, 2016
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Types Of Jaw Surgeries You Should Know About

If you are having jaw problems, and you are considering to approach an orthodontist (which you should), then you should be aware that most of these issues will not be resolved by your preferred dentist alone. You might need to undergo jaw surgery for which a professional Orthodontist will have to be approached.

This treatment is also known as autocratic surgery, which realigns the jaws and teeth to improve the way they work and helps to improve your appearance. If you are a patient, it is the time that you should know what kind of surgery you might undergo.

  • Upper jaw (maxillary osteotomy): If you have problems with the cross bite, or your upper bite or open bite are significantly receded, then you might undergo this oral surgery. In this procedure, the oral surgeon cuts the bone above your teeth and moves your jaw forward until it aligns with the lower teeth. Once it is done, the oral surgeon places tiny screws and plates to hold the bone in the new position.
  • Lower jaw (mandibular osteotomy): In this procedure, the receded lower jaw is corrected. The lower jaw bones beneath the molars are cut lengthwise so that they smoothly slide to a new position, where the jaw bones is held in place with the screws until it heals.
  • Chin surgery (genioplasty): During this procedure, oral surgeons can typically alter the jaw and restructure the chin. A severely dislocated jaw can be fixed by this surgery. During this, the surgeon cuts chin bone and secure it in the new position.

Remember, no matter which kind of jaw surgery in Richmond Hill you undergo, what is necessary is to make sure that it is performed by an experienced surgeon.

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