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Problems an Oral Surgeon Can Help With

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July 14, 2017
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Problems an Oral Surgeon Can Help With

People who go into their doctors or dentists with a variety of routine complaints are often surprised when they are urged to visit an oral surgeon Richmond Hill provider instead. These specialists, who often work hand-in-hand with orthodontists in Richmond Hill, are capable of helping with a number of common, but troublesome complaints.

Surgical orthodontics, Richmond Hill residents will find, is a specialty that is used to address serious issues that braces and other appliances simply cannot repair. Oral surgeons are called in to correct jaw bone abnormalities, for example. They may also be the best specialist to call on to address closed jaws, fix imperfect positioning of the teeth and even help with asymmetry and malocclusion issues.

In some cases, patients who are seeking the alignment help Richmond Hill Invisalign providers can provide, will discover oral surgery is required first. If jaw misalignment, for example, is causing some of the crowding or appearance concerns with teeth, having surgery to correct it can make the process flow more smoothly.

An oral surgeon, Richmond Hill patients will discover, may also be able to help address concerns such as:

  • Chewing problems – When the jaws are misaligned, chewing can be a painful process. Since teeth will not line up properly, they may suffer excessive wear and tear. Letting an oral surgeon Richmond Hill provider address the concern can take the pain out of chewing while also preventing further damage to teeth.
  • Sleeping concerns – Jaw-related problems can sometimes interrupt sleep. This is especially so if jaw pain is a concern.
  • Speech problems – Jaw misalignment can and often does get in the way of people moving their mouths correctly to form certain words. Letting an oral surgeon Richmond Hill provider address alignment can pave the way for clearer speech.

Oral surgeons often work closely with orthodontists to address serious alignment-related problems. In doing so, they can help patients develop the smiles they’re after, address pain-related concerns and even help them sleep better.

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