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Pediatric Orthodontics: When Should You Make an Appointment?

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February 23, 2017
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March 27, 2017
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Pediatric Orthodontics: When Should You Make an Appointment?

When the joy of watching a child’s baby teeth fall out is replaced by dread when adult teeth start coming in crooked, crowded or otherwise imperfect, it’s time to contact an orthodontics Richmond Hill practice for some solid advice. While an orthodontist Richmond Hill provider might not step in actively on a case if a child is especially young and teeth are still coming in, this professional can serve as a conductor of sorts, helping ensure the groundwork is properly laid for eventual straightening success.

Reaching out to an orthodontist sooner rather than later when dental alignment concerns arise with a child is smart for these reasons and more:

  • Gaining insights on what to expect down the road – When only a few adult teeth are in place, chances are an orthodontist won’t be able to make recommendations just yet on braces and other interventions. This professional, however, can help parents gain an understanding of what to expect when interventions can be made, such as the possible need to consider jaw surgery. Richmond Hill residents may find this is necessary for their children down the road if alignment concerns are structural. Understanding what to expect can help prepare families for the treatments that may be required to straighten a smile.

  • Helping a full dental team proceed in a child’s best interest – General pediatric dentists, oral surgeon Richmond Hill professionals, and orthodontists often work in concert with each other to help guide children’s adult teeth into place in the best possible manner. The orthodontist’s goal will be to minimize work that might need to be performed down the road.

  • Gaining peace of mind – Going in for an orthodontal evaluation sooner rather than later can help parents gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing what to expect as adult teeth come in. This can help with planning, financing and other concerns so parents can be certain they are doing everything possible to help their children develop smiles they can be proud of.

Just because orthodontics work generally doesn’t begin until a child is slightly older doesn’t mean an early consult is out of order. Gaining insights early can help position an entire dental team to better help a child develop a beautiful smile down the road.

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