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Orthodontics Goes Beyond Cosmetics

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April 26, 2017
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May 8, 2017
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Orthodontics Goes Beyond Cosmetics

It’s not uncommon for parents to brush off a few crooked teeth as something a child can live with and choose to address or not on their own when they’re adults. Doing so, however, can set a child up for dental health concerns in the immediate future and down the road. When crooked, cramped or overly spaced teeth are evident, seeing a Richmond Hill orthodontist is an important consideration for more than cosmetic reasons.

An orthodontist in Richmond Hill should be consulted even for seemingly minor cramping, crowding or spacing issues for these reasons and more:

  • Evaluating the extent of the concern – When teeth are only slightly crowded, the visual concern for a smile is likely to be rather low. Even so, this crowding can make cleaning teeth very difficult for children and adults alike. When that is the case, the likelihood of cavities can be rather high. Addressing overlaps with braces or Invisalign Richmond Hill options may go beyond cosmetics in these cases by helping prevent serious oral health concerns. A Richmond Hill orthodontist can evaluate the potential for harm a misalignment situation may cause and will advise parents accordingly.
  • Providing structural insights – Sometimes smiles that appear to be “off” are caused by improper jaw placement. When this is the case, children may find the situation becomes painful as they age. Jaw misalignment can make chewing painful and may cause unnecessary wear and tear on teeth as time passes. When this is the cause of slight imperfections in a smile, addressing it does go beyond cosmetics. An orthodontist may recommend oral surgeon Richmond Hill options to address such concerns. Once alignment is restored, metal or clear braces, Richmond Hill parents may find, could be required to finish up straightening and promote the health of teeth.

While slight imperfections in tooth spacing might not seem like a big concern, it’s best to consult with an orthodontist Richmond Hill provider to be sure. Sometimes a little imperfection really is nothing more than a cosmetic concern. In other cases, leaving a little problem unaddressed can create big ones for a child down the road.

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