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Oral Surgery: Why it Might Be Required Before Braces or Invisalign

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March 27, 2017
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Oral Surgery: Why it Might Be Required Before Braces or Invisalign

Making the decision to straighten a smile is a great one for promoting oral health and confidence both. Finding out that an oral surgeon Richmond Hill provider will be required before braces can go on, however, can be a little disheartening. If an orthodontics Richmond Hill practice has suggested jaw surgery before braces, patients can rest assured there are good reasons for the recommendation.

When an oral surgeon Richmond Hill provider works in concert with an orthodontist, the move is advised to ensure the best possible outcome in a patient’s case. Concerns such as crowding, severe over- or underbites and so on, are generally contributed to by misaligned jaws. In a nutshell, that means an underlying structural problem is at the root of tooth misalignment. In order to obtain the best results for a patient, that structural concern must be addressed first before other measures, such as braces are taken.

If the recommendation for jaw surgery is made, Richmond Hill residents will find the process paves the way for greater success down the road. Once a green light is given following surgery, an orthodontist Richmond Hill specialists will be able to step in to use braces or other tools to finish aligning teeth properly to attain the smile patients are after.

Whether the desire is to straighten teeth using traditional braces or Invisalign, Richmond Hill residents may find a trip to an oral surgeon is recommended first. When this advice is given, orthodontists simply want to set their patients up for the best long-term results. By addressing structural concerns first, it is possible for an orthodontist to more readily and effectively attend to alignment concerns. The end result is a smile that patients are much more likely to be proud of.

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