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Oral Surgery and Orthodontics Go Hand-in-Hand

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February 23, 2017
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Oral Surgery and Orthodontics Go Hand-in-Hand

When some people pay a Richmond Hill orthodontist a visit hoping to learn more about the potential braces may hold for straightening their teeth they may find that oral surgery is also required. While this likely unexpected step can be a bit of a shock, there are some very good reasons why an oral surgeon Richmond Hill provider may also need to be in on the case.

If an orthodontist Richmond Hill provider recommends oral surgery before the use of braces, patients will find there is generally a structural concern at the root of the request. Jaw misalignment, for example, may hamper a Richmond Hill orthodontist from gaining the best results for a patient. What’s more, improperly aligned jaws can create a host of oral concerns and may also promote pain and discomfort. Getting this concern addressed first can set a patient up for a much more pleasing outcome and better long term oral health.

Whether the ultimate plan is to use metal braces or Invisalign, Richmond Hill residents are likely to find that addressing a jaw or other structural concern first creates a better outcome. An oral surgeon, Richmond Hill residents will learn, can address structural concerns quickly and effectively. Once they are tackled, braces are then placed to realign the teeth to provide a patient a straighter smile. The second phase of the process is much more likely to produce desired results if jaw bone abnormalities are addressed first.

When it’s time to fix a misaligned smile, close gaps in teeth or remedy overcrowding, a Richmond Hill orthodontist can help. In some cases, oral surgery may be suggested as the best possible first step to create a better environment for overall improved oral health. The best way to find out for sure is to contact a Richmond Hill orthodontist for a consultation.

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