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How to Get a Straighter Smile the Grownup Way

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April 26, 2017
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May 8, 2017
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How to Get a Straighter Smile the Grownup Way

People who never had teeth alignment concerns addressed in childhood may find tinges of regret cropping up later in life. Taking the steps as an adult to address crooked, crowded or gapped teeth, however, can be more than a little bit embarrassing. Hiding a smile due to imperfections though isn’t any way to go through life. There is a distinct way grownups can attain the smile they’re after while keeping their adult sensibilities in check. A Richmond Hill Invisalign provider can help.

A Richmond Hill orthodontist who works with adult patients will generally recommend the use of Invisalign instead of the brackets and bands of traditional braces. This distinct option enables grownups to address alignment concerns in a more discreet, but highly effective manner.

An orthodontist in Richmond Hill that makes Invisalign available to patients will be highly trained in the use of this distinct system to straighten teeth. Invisalign achieves the results of traditional braces using a distinctly different system. In place of those traditional metal brackets and rubber bands, Invisalign uses special dental trays that are inserted over the teeth to gradually realign teeth. As progress is made, new trays are used. For adults who are concerned about the embarrassment of mental braces, this system offers these distinct advantages:

  • Discretion – A Richmond Hill Invisalign provider offers a way to straighten teeth that is much less noticeable than standard braces. The trays involved are clear, which means someone would have to be very close to a wearer to even detect they’re in place. This is a big bonus for adults who want straight teeth, but aren’t willing to look like teenagers to get them.
  • Convenience – Invisalign trays must be worn to achieve the desired goals, but they can be taken out. People can remove them to eat, clean their teeth, floss and so on. This adds convenience to the process while helping adults feel better about retaining better control over oral hygeiene.

Straightening teeth later in life doesn’t have to involve the visibility of metal braces. When a Richmond Hill orthodontist offers Invisalign, grownups will find they have a very adult way to improve their smiles.

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