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Why You Should Visit An Orthodontist?
July 29, 2016
Types Of Jaw Surgeries You Should Know About
September 24, 2016
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All About Oral Surgeries

Oral surgery is a reliable option used by doctors to modify facial and dental structures of patients. Numerous defects of the human jawline and related facial structures can be easily cured through these treatments.

Oral surgery is a specialty procedure which, with proper diagnosis, renders effective treatment of defects, diseases and injuries of the oral along with facial region. This type of treatment is commonly used for root canals, removing wisdom teeth, repairing jaw problems, getting dental implants, revival of gum tissues and deficient bone around the teeth, repairing the extremely advanced dental decay and preparing the mouth for dentures.

Oral surgeons in Richmond Hill can perform an extensive array of services which includes:-

  • FACIAL RECONSTRUCTION- A person may need this treatment due to a sport related injury, a motor vehicle collision and a fall. He may suffer from soft tissue injuries in the face, jaw bone injuries or tooth injuries. An oral surgeon can perform a maxillofacial surgery to help reconstruct the mouth and face.
  • TEETH EXTRACTION- A person may get his impacted wisdom teeth removed with the help of an oral surgeon. An impacted tooth is one which fails to grow into the mouth.
  • ORTHOGNATHIC SURGERY- This surgery is used to treat a host of jaw problems. A person may need this surgery to realign the jaws in combination with orthodontic braces. It can correct a wide range of major & minor facial or dental irregularities.
  • ORAL CANCER- Oral surgeons can remove cancerous cysts & tumors in the mouth.
  • DENTAL IMPLANTS- A person may need this treatment to replace missing or extracted teeth. This is one of the best options for patients to look attractive.
  • BIRTH DEFECTS- Many children suffer from birth defects such as a cleft lip and palette deformities. An oral surgeon can effectively treat these issues with surgical solutions.

All the above services are provided by highly experienced and well-trained oral surgeons at Benbassat Orthodontics in Richmond Hill using highly modern treatment procedures and innovative technology.


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