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A Closer Look at Clear Braces Treatment

Clear Braces FAQs
December 9, 2016
What to Ask Before You Choose a Orthodontist in Richmond Hill
January 14, 2017
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A Closer Look at Clear Braces Treatment

The stigma of wearing metal braces to school and colleges plagued a generation of people, almost always making them easy targets of ridicule. But fortunately, those days are behind us now. Our generation or our children do not have to go through the same stinging experience, thanks to this new kind of dental aligners that camouflage in the oral background without one visual hint. These clear braces are everywhere now, and in Richmond Hill, they are a preferred technique of teeth straightening among orthodontists.

Primary Benefits

These aligners have a seamless fit, much better than their ugly steel cousins, and adding to that they are undetectable to normal vision. That said, the first benefit of treatment is that the braces can be worn 20 to 22 hours a day, even in public without being noticed. The only time you really need to take them off is when you are eating or brushing your teeth. That brings us to its second benefit, which is high flexibility. An Invisaligner can be taken off or worn with remarkable ease. Even a teen can do it without any help or supervision. Unlike metal braces, these clear brackets do not cause oral irritation. They are made of skin-friendly thermoplastics that sits well with the human oral environment. Lastly, they don’t take you to your dentists from time to time for a wire adjustment.

About the Treatment

It cannot be said with accuracy how long it takes for a clear dental braces to fix the problem. For adults, a standard treatment period of invisalign in Richmond Hill is 12 months during which the teeth is slowly straightened out. For young children it takes a shorter period to treat the misalignment. Pretty much all dentists in Richmond Hill recommend an invisalign these days. With them on, you do not need to visit your dentist more than once every 6 weeks.

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