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Welcome to Benbassat Orthodontics

"Building Confidence Through Smiles"

Orthodontics is a beneficial process that enhances your appearance and improves the overall health of your teeth. A beautiful smile has been proven to elevate ones self-esteem. Braces address many of the issues associated with crowding of the teeth, improper bites, misaligned jaws, abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, and excessive stress on gum tissues and the bone that support the teeth. Additionally, because excessively crowded teeth can be difficult to clean, braces can help avoid tooth decay and gum disease. Orthodontics offers a beautiful smile while achieving so much more!

We offer orthodontic appliances that include metal braces (you can chose your colour), clear braces or the virtually invisible Invisalign treatment; you can choose which best fits your lifestyle. With the latest orthodontic technology, the brackets and wires have been dramatically improved to increase your comfort, lessen the number of necessary appointments, and decrease your overall treatment time.

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your initial appointment is complimentary, DR benbassat will do an examination and determine if any treatment is indicated.

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Meet Dr. Benbassat

Meet Dr. Benbassat

Dr Benbassat is a Board Certified Orthodontist with 20 years experience creating beautiful smiles.

About Dr. Benbassat

What We Do

At Benbassat Orthodontics we believe that everyone deserves a great smile. We will provide the right treatment for you at any age, and will adapt treatment to fit your lifestyle. We are proud to help you smile confidently!.



Regular Braces


Clear Braces


Surgical orthodontics


Problems We Deal With



When the upper front teeth stick-out too far.



When the upper front teeth overlap the lower teeth excessively.

Open Bite

Open bite

When there is space between the upper and lower teeth.



When the upper teeth bite behind (inside) the lower teeth.

Teeth Crowding


When there is insufficient space for the teeth.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth

When there is one or more teeth that never formed.

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