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Regular Braces Richmond Hill

If you want to improve the appearance of your face, or just want to address the problem of misaligned jaws, you must choose braces. It is one of the safest and the most effective methods of treating crowding of the teeth, misalignment of the jaws, abnormal tooth surfaces, and excessive stress of gum tissue.

We Provide Cutting-Edge Orthodontic Treatment Options

We at Benbassat Orthodontics (in Richmond Hill) provide high quality dental care services and cutting-edge orthodontic treatment options. We provide high end orthodontic appliances that often include metal or ceramic braces. These are easy to wear and comfortable, too. They also help in minimizing the overall treatment time.

If you are in Richmond Hill, visit us now!

We provide different types of braces that are not only comfortable to wear, but also attractive and appealing. Our oral surgeons suggest the most suitable solution in order to maintain the aesthetic appeal while improving your oral health.

Learn More About the Health Benefits of Teeth Straightening by Visiting Us!

Virtually Invisible Braces

Today, regular braces are the most popular choice amongst people of almost all ages. They prefer them because they are easy to wear, maintain, and help in correcting their severe oral issues. Today, it is possible to select high quality virtually invisible braces(Invisalign) that not only align your teeth, but also improve your facial appearance. These are helpful in the proper positioning of your teeth in the most appropriate manner.

Of course, there are clear benefits of properly aligned teeth, and that is why an increasing number of people choose these regular braces to address their complex problems. They will re-position your teeth and improve your dental conditions. With this method, you can easily find the perfect solution for your teeth’s crowding, spacing, as well as cross-biting problem.

Simply call our office! (905)224-2290 ext 201, our orthodontics will be happy to assist you!

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