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Child Orthodontics Richmond Hill

If you are looking for guided jaw growth, improved appearance or proper alignment for your child’s jaw, then you must choose a good child orthodontics. Child orthodontics aim to rectify the problem of improper teeth, misalignment of teeth, crooked teeth and even misalignment of jaws. It is also good for children who face chewing and biting problems because of their crooked or uneven teeth.

Benbassat Orthodontics

Our doctors understand this problem and provide several modern-age solutions to our patients. We at Benbassat Orthodontics provide the best child orthodontic care in Richmond Hill. Our doctors have the skills, experience, and knowledge to treat any complex oral problem.

We Provide a Safe, Friendly, and Fun Environment for Children!

Correct Crowded, Misplaced, or Blocked Teeth

Most parents choose child orthodontics to correct crowded, misplaced, or blocked teethof their kids. They go for an early evaluation to prevent any other abnormality, such as mouth breathing, hard chewing, etc.

For the Best Treatment, Choose a Professional Doctor. 

Moreover, if possible, doctors treat the facial imbalance by treating the jaws that support the teeth. They use the best products that prevent tooth and gum decay while improving the confident smile of your child. They can address any complex oral issue that may cause future problems. They also recommend several things to improve your overall oral health. Our doctors use advanced techniques to improve the oral health of children.

Parents Can Help Improve their Child’s Oral Health with Routine Check-Ups.

Early Evaluation

Through an early evaluation, you can give your child the best opportunity to get a healthy and beautiful smile. Early evaluation allows doctors to analyzethe problem and determine the best possible solution. We at Benbassat Orthodontics also provide you the highest quality of care in a warm, friendly, & comfortable environment.

Simply call our office! (905)224-2290 ext 201, our Richmond Hill’s Child orthodontics will be happy to assist you!

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